Serendipity Weddings
Serendipity has the ability to cater all your food needs from an intimate dinner for two
to a formal dinner for a hundred.  Daily breakfast is provided for guests staying at
Serendipity and additional snacks or meals for you or all your wedding guests can be
included in your total event plan.  In order to provide you with the greatest number of
options in the least complicated way, we offer three catering categories which contain
the same quality service and personalized attention, but simply reflect three different
price ranges.  You may choose to stay within a specific category or choose items from
various categories to make up your own menus.   
Let Us Help You DesignYour Dream Wedding
Serendipity has a variety of perfect locations for your wedding including the
beach, our lush patios and gardens,  pool area and the amazing overlook
tower.  Your unique touch can easily be reflected throughout the property for
both day and night time ceremonies.
Serendipity uses the best bakeries in Todos
Santos, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas to provide
you with a myriad of wedding cake styles and
flavors.  Special requests can also be
...and Flowers
You have your choice of any kind of flowers and
arrangements from the most simple garden
flowers to exotic flowers from the mainland.  We
do our own arrangements, so you can let your
imagination flow!
Specific Menus, Prices and Helpful Suggestions are Available
Upon Request.  Please Contact Us For More Information..
We Look Forward Being a Part of Your Special Day!
And Many More Services...
Photographer            Music         Transportation
Spa Services      Concierge     Individual or Group Activities or call
in Mexico 612-178-0104 or 612-108-3502 (cell)
in the US or Canada 505-217-1809
if dialing internationally, use the 521 country code
Private Ocean Location...
We believe that each wedding should be unique and reflect the spirit of the bride and groom and
the occasion they want to create.  For that reason, we do not prepare all inclusive “packages”  
that predetermine what you can have.  Rather, we prefer to be flexible and work with you
throughout the process to create the perfect wedding experience for all who are a part of this
special occasion.  We offer a wide variety of possibilities from small, informal gatherings to larger
or more formal venues.  We have the expertise and network to provide an extensive array of
services including rooms, catering, flowers, music, photographer, transportation and additional
activities for guests.  Your wishes and budget determine what your wedding will be, and all is
possible here at Serendipity.